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Class Act Sportsmanship Member schools are expected to conduct their relations with each other at all levels of competition in a spirit of good sportsmanship. Everyone involved has the obligation to see clearly his/her influence and act accordingly. The CIAC acknowledges that the school administration is responsible for the athletic program, including the making of broad and specific policies and procedures relating to sportsmanship and the conduct of activities in the school.

To that end, the CIAC urges each school principal to adopt the following sportsmanship procedures and standards for their school and to champion the "Class Act" sportsmanship program as these standards will be used in all CIAC post season contests. As a result of declaring and showing proof of adhering to these standards, a school will receive recognition of having achieved and maintained this honor. Your school must form and identify a student based council that will assist the athletic department in overseeing the implementation of and adherence to these standards.

You can view a listing of schools which have committed to this program, social media info and the procedure for reporting a concern to a Class Act school by visiting the CIAC website Class Act Sportsmanship page.