College & Career

Post-Secondary Planning

There are many options available to graduates of Avon High School. While the majority of Avon students go on to colleges or universities in pursuit of undergraduate degrees directly after graduation, there are other options. Some of these alternative paths include pursuing a trade, entering the military, taking a gap year, and studying abroad. Regardless of whether students choose to enter college directly after high school or enter an alternate path, the counselors are here to support every student.

Although the future planning process may seem overwhelming at times, it can be an inspiring time full of adventure and possibilities. There are many challenges students and parents may face along the way, so it is important to stay organized and not be afraid to ask questions. Avon has talented and supportive counselors who are ready to assist you in the post-secondary planning process. We look forward to working with you.


Class of 2024 Deadlines
Senior Transcript Release Form 2024
Request Quarter 1 Grades Class of 2024
Instructions for Reporting Naviance College Application Status


CollegeBoard and the ACT have announced their 2022-23 SAT/SAT Subject Test and ACT Test Dates. Additional information on how to register is also available on their websites.

The junior School Day SAT for the spring will be posted when the information comes.

**Our CEEB code is 070008. You might need this number when registering for SAT/ACT tests.**


Below are a few resources that you may find helpful to your college planning process:

How to Ace your College Interview
How to Write a College Essay
Common Application Website
Best Colleges Website
Ask 25- Questions to ask a college rep.
2019 Best Colleges in America


A full list of local and regional scholarships is available in Naviance for Avon students.



Each year, we compile data on the graduating class to create our School Profile, which is distributed to College Representatives and included in college application packets. A copy of the 2022-23 School Profile is available here.